After Immokalee Soccer School was founded, Coach Gabriel Mejia discovered that his players needed much more than athletic training. With the support of generous donors, he developed a computer program to allow children to learn and receive tutoring in a positive environment. Today, ISSA operates a fully functioning mentoring program that pairs students with a college aged mentor for the school year. Students and mentors meet weekly for academic time, games, and relationship building. We are proud of our partnership with Ave Maria University's Mother Teresa Project, and look forward to our next semester of mentoring!


Our mentoring program offers our players access to academic support outside of their school environment. The rigorous work schedule and limited education of many of Immokalee's families leads to a lack of academic support at home. Thanks to our mentors, students are given the individualized attention they need to sharpen their skills, explore new topics, and receive tutoring on subjects they struggle with. 


We believe that education is a gift and a privilege. Many of our students struggle within the classroom and find learning frustrating and boring. Our mentoring program allows our players to be tutored by college students that share the impact of education on their own lives and encourage them to challenge themselves. With the help of our tutors, we have seen our players grow in confidence and find joy in learning. We are so grateful for our volunteers!


The greatest impact of our mentoring program is found in the incredible relationships formed between mentors and youth. Through these friendships, we have seen youth grow in confidence and zeal for the future, which is reflected in their grades, their attitudes, and their smiles!


Our resources in the 2019-2020 season have allowed us to enroll over 50 players in our mentoring program. While we are proud of these students, our goal is to grant this opportunity to every ISSA player. Help us to reach our goal by making a gift to our program today!

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