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"As a former professional player and with the love that I have for soccer, I seek to give my life to this wonderful sport and support children in their discovery of the desire to achieve important goals in their personal and professional lives.

After leaving the professional soccer world and not knowing what to do with my life, I decided to come to this wonderful country, where I struggled to survive with little work experience, no money, and little knowledge of the language. I worked hard to overcome these challenges, integrating myself in the community, improving my English, and learning to work in construction.

This is something I want to convey while in Mexico I never thought about my future outside soccer. I left school for soccer, something I don't regret, because I lived very beautiful moments that shaped me to be the person I am today. For all this I thank God. 

My main purpose is to support children to find the skills they need to make the best decision, whether they decide to become professional players, University graduates, or industrial workers. My hope is that their lives are full of integrity, morality and whatever personal journey they wish to pursue is fulfilling and rewarding since each of us only gets one life to live"

- Coach Gaby

Immokalee Soccer School & Academy

P.O. Box 1978
Immokalee, Florida 34143

Phone: (239) 272-7309

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